Success requires a strong supporting team, but more importantly great supervisors! A corner stone in the structure of ITmaker is human resources which is constituted by executives that have experience and education.
ITmaker is the result of a desire among friends. Professionals who have many years of experience and different specialisations. 

A common point of reference is the understanding of the needs of today’s businesses: Often the exclusion of small - medium businesses, even of the bigger enterprises from the modern methods of promotion, publicity, creation and maintenance of corporate image is the decisive factor that influences the circle of sales and the creation and growth of an appreciable number of customers, which practically means the continuity of a business’s life.


Even in the 21st century, with thousands of advertisements around and hundreds of thousands of promotional activities of products or services all of us, every day realise as consumers how little of these activities are really structured so as to rouse our interest. Those of us who develop enterprising activities also know "perfect" the consequences of these "bad" actions.

ITmaker is constituted by a team of specialised executives:
Web Consultants,
Creative Designers,
Programmers - Analysts,
Writers and
Marketing Specialists,
that know excellent how to get "on line" results in your enterprise.

Here, in ITmaker we believe that it takes more than one or two people to build a great website. Our talented and devoted team of designers, programmers, writers and Internet marketers will give your site their full attention. Don't forget project management! You'll be working directly with one of our project managers, so you don't have to worry about any 'technical' jargon from the rest of the team.

With personal contact and careful choice, the administration of ITmaker applies an anthropocentric philosophy also in the choice of its executives.
Beyond their knowledge and experience, criteria for each candidate, are the personal objectives that have to be met the philosophy of ITmaker:
"we are a team, we work as a team, the LEADER in each team is the customer".