Training and consulting is a big part of our company, and one of the many features which sets ITmaker ahead of its competitors.

We believe that every business needs continual training on their website, especially on the marketing side. Because the Internet is always changing, it's important to stay educated on the latest changes and developments.

A return on your investment is imperative for success. That is why we start off all our projects with a free consultation.


We figure out exactly what the client needs, who their target audience is, and figure out the best approach to accomplish the tasks at hand.


Moreover at ITmaker we produce tailor made courses for each relative subject of technology, the Internet, the applications that we done for your enterprise or those that you already use but want to extend or even how to communicate your corporate cell phones with your site so as to receive or give information to the e-shop or to the portal that you have.

Ask us, we have the way, we will also find the right timetable together! The last thing you have to think is about the cost.