Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in Information Technology, the Internet, Marketing and Advertising.ITmaker executives have worked for the development of tens of applications in the Greek and European market, have placed on the market many well-known products, have designed the advertising strategy for hundreds of products, they have supervised international and local market research and they have taken usable results in order to decide the proper moves for numbers of products and services.

The professionals of ITmaker, each one in his sector have worked as project managers in products and services that begin from match boxes and reach up to colossal technological organisations and organisations of common utility.
The most important experience that all, without exception, state is that the customer can become the most important partner in the project that is in progress, on his behalf.

At the same time, we carefully screened our team so that each staff member is able to provide real results – not just have academic credentials. Thus the administration of the company is in charge of the permanent and simultaneously discreet follow-up of the effectiveness of each member of the team’s work.

For the development of each project ITmaker has firstly established a protocol which is respected by all: "no matter what the size and the complexity of each project high technology safety is applied so as to be ensured of the evident, limited, effective presence of our customers on the internet". This allows us to undertake projects of whatever size and class, even if they require the maximum levels of safety.

Our way of operating has led many of our customers to recommend ITmaker to their colleagues. A fact that is an additional reward and emphasises that we have correctly selected to be different and not to do our work "as usual".