The newest technology on the Internet is the video!

The Video meets the needs of the more-savvy website visitors who requireinteractivity and don't like to read too much.

The Video allows your business to show emotion while promoting your products and services in a very powerful way. The response from websites that have interactive video is incredible.


At the same time with an active marketing plan that will materialise your enterprise or that we will draw and materialise together, the interactive video that we will make for your site will be adapted so that you can also use it for corporate presentations, conventions, meetings or other promotional energies that "run" in your enterprise.


At ITmaker we combine know How:

from commercial spots,the conclusions of studies on consumer devotion to the product
the evaluation of potential customer approach strategiesand we created a marketing tool which is complete with the creation of a max. 4 minutes interactive video.

With the marketing tool that we compile we can guarantee that no matter what your product or service is you can in a video of 4 min maximum duration communicate in unique way with customers. And receive an immediate answer from their correspondence.

Interested? Contact us. We are at your disposal for further details.