Enterprises: The executives of ITmaker have worked with many corporations inGreece and abroad. From new designs and branding, to redesigning or re-marketing - ITmaker has the experience and the expertise to get the job done right. If you own a big, well structured, well known enterprise or even an enterprise of a smaller size, we have the way, the tools and the know-how to offer effective solutions to any need related to the Internet. 

Entrepreneurs: In ITmaker we believe that entrepreneurs are the backbone of an economy. Having worked on many different projects with hundreds of start-up businesses, and other individuals that wanted to grow, we completely understand the difficulties and the struggles they have to avoid so their next step to bring them closer to the Internet, to build a structured company, to enrich their customer list. That is why we have created proposals and solutions so their first “on line” step is successful.


Non profit organisations: Knowing the importance of communication in a non profit organisation we at ITmaker decided annually to support certain efforts of non profit organisations so as to acquire an effective presence in the Internet or in other activities related to their image.
If you participate in a such organisation contact us in order to give you more details and our proposals, FREE OF CHARGE.


Small to medium-sized enterprises: As entrepreneurs small to medium-sized enterprises are the basis of an economy and they generally face a hostile enterprising environment. Often owners reach the point that is summarised as "I can’t deal with everything, I have to do everything by myself”. AtITmaker we will show you the way so that your over working and dead ends are changed into a profitable source and an easy way to follow-up your growing customer list through the Internet.... and not only.


Subcontractors of the public sector: At ITmaker we undertake work of the wider public sector that is related with their presence in the Internet or other needs in the software development. For this reason we use tools which apply the most sophisticated safety standards in order for each project small or big to have the uniqueness and the safety that is required.


Information technology companies: Even an Information technology company that deals with the Internet and technology daily needs an expert. AtITmaker we can immediately comprehend your needs or those of your customers. Our businesses relate and we will help you drive your business in the right direction.


Consultants: Your own image and that of your customers will be improved acquiring presence in the internet. At ITmaker we have the proposals that with your presence in the Internet, your image will be positively differentiated and so will your turnover, without you simultaneously working long hours.


Advertising and Promotional Companies and Web Designers: Because these companies also need an expert or because they have excessive work and find it hard to keep timetables at ITmaker you will find a good partner that will understand your needs and will work in the direction that you give us.