S.E.O (Search engine optimization) is the process of improving the intensity and quality of "traffic" (number of visitors) that a site accepts, as result of appearance order in the search engines.Usually as near to 1st place as is presented a site in a search engine so many more visitors will visit it.


S.E.O can also aim to search pictures or search "Yellow pages" type or search via "vertical markets" search engines.

S.E.O has been characterized as the marketing strategy of a site’s output and so it should be developed.

Its use is not optional as usually happens, on the contrary it constitutes the corner stone of a site’s success. It should involve countable results, a constant follow-up and the optimisation of devotion to the customer.


This is the philosophy of ITmaker which we support regularly and prove to our customers constantly, informing them and attending to their needs that our programmers can regularly upgrade each site’s ranking in various ways:

Including a unique content
Combined use of keywords
Coding, structure, presentation etc