ITmaker will not only create the site that you wish.If it is necessary we will suggest alternative proposals for domain names and guide you in the choosing criteria of this name.


If you wish, we will ensure a suitable agreement on your site Hosting and will supply you with all e-mail accounts you need for your enterprise.


Unfortunately however at this point we must clarify that if your criteria for web hosting is the lowest cost, ITmaker will not satisfy your wish.


We want to state but also to be experts in the Internet we know very well that "a good Internet provider usually does not mean a cheap provider, but a reliable provider", although various "experts" in the market claim that they know how to combine both. A statement that somebody in practice, realises is not true.

We at ITmaker wish to have satisfied customers that will be our advertisers and we will have many years of collaboration with them, therefore we are not interested in being cheap at the expense of quality and reliability.

Our choices are tested and we can guarantee them.

If your main concern is also reliable site hosting and a permanent presence in the world wide web contact us for more details.