ITmaker always works with the most modern technological tools and has as a corporate philosophy the development of effective optimisation techniques which are created and applied as an intelligent, functional and easily understood marketing tool that is fulfilled with the creation of a 4 minutes interactive video.
We used the four basic parameters of people motivation:
Attention: Use of powerful script that demands attention
Interest: create interest and curiosity
Desire: create desire
Action: calls for action


And we combine Know How:

from commercial spots,
from conclusions of studies on consumer devotion to the product
from the evaluation of potential customer approach strategies
to create a marketing tool which is complete with the creation of a 4 minutesmax. interactive video resulting in the development of a fast and direct questionnaire that answers the total of a marketing mix for each product, service, customer.


Thus we take total branding for every case and we can then easily, measurably, and efficiently create the suitable enterprising environment and effectively communicate the message through an interactive video of 4 min maximum duration.